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About Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray has drawn people from all walks of life and all areas of the planet to live and work here. Though some only stay a short time, many have put down roots and chosen to stay. Take a moment to view the new Faces of Fort McMurray Website. Launched by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo the website shows what is offered within the community to all residents.Twenty-one faces share twenty-one stories of how Fort McMurray came to be their home. Some of them were born and raised here, others travelled from distant provinces and countries in search of a new life. One thing they share in common is their desire to make the most of their lives here and to inspire others to discover a Fort McMurray they never knew.


There is rich cultural diversity and a great many recreational and educational choices. The landscape is richly beautiful with many lakes, rivers and other scenic areas.

Feel free to explore the following links provided here so that you can see the possibilities of living here in Fort McMurray.


Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (City Website)              

Fort McMurray Tourism

Fort McMurray Today (Daily Newspaper)

MyMcMurray  (Community Web Portal)


Fort McMurray Aerial Fort McMurray Prudential MLS Listings


Fort McMurray and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is a vibrant and growing community.

There is a wide range of activities to take part in throughout the city no matter what the season!

Fort McMurray Fort McMurray Prudential MLS Listings

Outdoor Adventure

Fort McMurray has endless opportunities for hiking, biking and enjoying our beautiful surroundings. In particular Birchwood Trails offer a range of activities for all weather. During the summer months, enjoy hiking or biking through the 20km of boreal forest. Or if you are wanting a change of scenery to pumping iron in the local gyms why not use the Outdoor Gym , yes that is right! Fort McMurray is home to Canada’s largest outdoor gym, the Birchwood trail system is the home to the gym that is made up of 53 units of outdoor exercise equipment throughout the 14 stations including the latest in wheelchair-accessible equipment. Each piece is designed to use your own body weight as resistance and all come outfitted with safety features. Air walkers, ellipticals, spinners, leg presses and hand bikes are just a few of the many different types of equipment found at these stations. The equipment is operational throughout the spring, summer and fall, and is part of the municipality’s commitment to improving health and wellness in the region. Outdoor Gym

Please follow the link below to a printable brochure from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Wood Buffalo Trail Map

During the summer, why not take a canoe trip down the Athabasca or Clearwater River or put the boat in one of our northern rivers. You can also get out for the day and explore the vast wilderness on an ATV. Fort McMurray also has numerous campgrounds and parks for you to find your perfect camping spot.

One of the many hidden secrets within the Wood Buffalo region is the Athabasca Sand Dunes, where you can go and explore Alberta’s ‘Sahara’. If you enjoy camping in the wilderness why not pack up for the weekend and ATV through the sand dunes and camp under the stars.

Here, wind and sand combine to create Alberta’s moving desert. Shifting up to 1.5 metres a year, these powerful dunes bury forests and fill in lakes, leaving behind a flat, barren plain. That and the surrounding landscape of forests, lakes and marshes make the area an outdoor adventurer’s paradise.

Located in Maybelle River Wildland Park, the Athabasca Dunes Ecological Reserve protects the largest of these active sand fields. Within its boundaries are impressive natural features: 12 metre tall sand dunes and 60 metre high kames among the largest in the world.

Camping is permitted within the Wildland Park, but access is restricted to foot only. However, due to its protected designation, camping and OHV use are not permitted within the Ecological Reserve.

For those looking for an afternoon of backcountry hiking, the area provides scenery unequalled anywhere else in the province.

For ATV enthusiasts, the Richardson River Sand Dunes Access Trail offers hours of adventurous riding. Located west of the Richardson River, the trail follows the eastern perimeter of the Richardson River Dunes Wildland Park. The park itself is a protected area, preserving paleo-longitudinal dunes whose size and development are not recorded elsewhere. Motorized access in the park is prohibited. The Access Trail into the Richardson River Sand Dunes off the winter road heading west to Embarrass Portage and watch for the access path into the Richardson Dune Complex. From here, you have nothing to do but head north, enjoy the scenery and enjoy yourself.

The Richardson Backcountry is also ideal for camping and fishing enthusiasts. Rustic, lakeside campgrounds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. These are user-maintained sites with no major facilities and visitors are required to pack-out what they bring in. Anglers are also asked to check local fishing regulations before casting a line. Before embarking on any trip into the area, all visitors must ensure they are well prepared for a true wilderness adventure. (Courtesy of Fort McMurray Tourism).


Cross Country Skiing

In the winter why not take in the stunning winter scenery by putting on your cross country skis and enjoy the 24km of accessible trails that are maintained by the Ptarmigan Nordic Ski Club (PNSC). The ski club operates out of the Doug Barnes Cabin in Thickwood and they are the official cross country ski club in Fort McMurray. Ptarmigan Nordic Ski Club


Downhill Skiing

Vista Ridge Fort McMurray Prudential MLS Listings

If it is the winter wonderland that you enjoy so much, why not Head down to Vista Ridge,

Fort McMurray’s ski hill, with 35 km of skiable areas on variable difficulty slopes.

Known as "The best non-mountain winter recreation in Alberta.”

 Vista Ridge



Indoor Activity:

If indoor activity is what you are seeking in Fort McMurray, the New MacDonald Island Park is one of Canada’s largest recreational centre over 325,000sq ft of active living space, over 3 floors giving the community access to a wide variety of activities.

 MacDonald Island Prudential Fort McMurray Real Estate  

The first floor includes:

  • The main floor of the Fort McMurray Public Library,
  • Our guest services office, two field houses,
  • A child minding centre,
  • An indoor children’s’ playground,
  • An aquatic centre,
  • 2 NHL size ice sheets,
  • 1 children’s ice sheet,
  • An indoor leisure pond,
  • Curling rink,
  • Group fitness room,
  • Squash and Racquetball courts,
  • Golf simulator,
  • Executive conferencing room,
  • Concessions

The Second floor includes:

  • The second floor of the Fort McMurray Public Library
  • 8,000sq ft fitness centre, multi-purpose rooms
  • Entrance to the Spectator seating areas in the two field houses and the aquatic centre,
  • Banquet and convention centre
  • Sports lounge

The Third Floor Includes:

  • A four-lane, 240 metre, indoor track
MacDonald Island Prudential Fort McMurray Real Estate

To view MacDonald Island Park’s fantastic facilities in more detail click on the below link MacDonald Island park


Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre offers an alternative to MacDonald Island Park. As part of Keyano College, the North East Alberta sport development centre offers sporting opportunities for all age ranges and athletic levels. The centre also encompasses the Finning Canada Child Minding/Child Play Centre. Spaced over two levels the centre has a turf rink for soccer and hockey, a gymnasium, a recreational rink, a 4 lane running track and so much more.

Click on the link for a full list of everything the centre has to offer. Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre


Heritage Park

Heritage Park Fort McMurray Prudential MLS Listings

Heritage Park is Fort McMurray's own little village locked in time.

Come to the park during the summer months and take a stroll through history.

You will find historic buildings and artifacts which showcase our community's unique history.

From the early 1900s trapper's cabin and Catholic Mission to Walter Hill's Drugstore from the 1930s,

Heritage Park preserves Fort McMurray and region's past for generations to come.

 (Courtesy of Heritage Park Website) Heritage Park


Oil Sands Discovery Centre

Why not take a tour round the Oil Sands Discovery Centre, it is in the heart of the world's biggest single oil deposit - Alberta's Oil Sands. At the Centre you'll be surrounded by BIG things - a dragline bucket, a 150 tonne heavy hauler with tires three metres high and "Cyrus," an 850 tonne bucketwheel excavator you will learn how the Athabasca Oil Sands were formed, how it was discovered and how it is being developed. The Centre is an educational facility committed to increasing public awareness, appreciation and knowledge about the oil sands industry. (Courtesy of Oil Sands Discovery Website) Oil Sands Discovery Centre


Oil Sands Tour

Even better why not a tour of the Oil Sands to fully appreciate the size of the oils sands the process of the oil’s removal and just as important is the reclamation of the sand back to its natural environment. For more information or to book your tour, call 1.800.565.3947 or 780-791.4336. Alternatively you can email the tourism office at